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We are pleased to introduce Nomad Gossip Magazine, which started from a startup pitch at Nomad Cruise, where the audience greatly supported the launch of the first-ever magazine for digital nomads.
Discover the latest insights from the world of nomads.
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the feedback from our readers.
About Nomad Gossip Magazine
is an online publication dedicated to the travel and lifestyle of modern nomads. We share experiences and ideas to help our readers turn their travel dreams into reality.
Growing Digital Nomad Community
Just a decade ago, even the notion of aspiring to become a digital nomad was bizarre, and we, the pioneers of digital nomadism, were a rare breed, huddled in the confines of co-working spaces. Today, we roam the globe proudly, constantly growing our community with millions of digital nomads around the world! If you've chosen to embrace living as a nomad, you'll find a home wherever you plant your laptop.
Just a decade ago, us digital nomads were a rare breed, huddled in the confines of co-working spaces. Today, we roam the globe proudly, finding a home wherever we plant our laptops.
We bridge the gap
between individual digital nomads and the wider world
We bridge the gap between individual digital nomads and the wider world
NGM is pioneering the movement towards sustainable, non-linear lifestyle choices, bringing together nomads with locals and fostering respect for every way of life.

From the best places to meet like-minded wanderers, to tried-and-tested techniques to make a living online, NGM is written for the nomad in all of us.
Our mission
Connect. Support. Protect. To be the voice of the global digital nomad community.
Welcome to the family, Nomad!
Nomad Gossip Magazine aspires to unravel the hacks, secrets and whereabouts of this daring tribe that has transformed the very essence of modern work and travel.
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An inside look
In the glossy pages of our real-world and online magazine editions, you’ll find hot topics like:
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Discover the best resources in the nomad community with our ultimate list of services and products by nomads, for nomads.
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Visionary and CEO
Lera has been living the digital nomad lifestyle since 2015 and recently found a haven in Madeira, Portugal. 7.5 years ago, she took a leap, bidding farewell to her glamorous job at Nike in Ukraine and ventured into a new chapter as a community manager in a coworking space in Thailand, initially for just a winter break.

But destiny had other plans, and there was no turning back to her previous life.
Expertise experience: 16 years
Countries: 54
Amy White
Amy White is an internationally acclaimed ghostwriter, author and editor from the UK. Her ghostwritten and edited books have hit Barnes and Noble and Amazon bestsellers lists, as well as the Hollywood Times, LA Times and USA Today.

As Editor in Chief of the world’s most powerful personal growth platform, Amy’s articles and whitepapers have been read by over a million readers on Mindvalley, with a 16 million-strong blog, membership and social media following.
Expertise experience: 9 years
Countries: 49
Digital Creative
Anna is the co-founder of the digital agency с, with a team of 15 creative brains she bosses around with her amazing brain. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her (she tends to work from behind the camera/screen) she’ll blow you away with her beauty AND sharp-as-knives intellect.

All our visual branding, logo, and web design, development?
You’ve got Anya to thank for that.
Expertise experience: 9 years
Countries: 25
Our consultant
Olia has a truly entrepreneurial mind with multiple crazy projects in her pocket, including the famous Nomad Train, which transports nomads from Moscow to Mongolia via Soviet-style train. Then there’s RedNomadVan, specialising in building nomad vans from scratch.

Olia and Lera were at Nomad Cruise in 2019 and three years later, they met again on the same Nomad Cruise as roommates. Don’t ask how that happened. 
Expertise experience: 12 years
Countries: 46
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